3 Things to Think about Before Leaving Your House

Ever have your day take a sh*t, nothing goes as planned and now you find yourself stopping at the local wawa for a double pretzel because you just need something (wawa pretzel people- iykyk).

I don’t know about you, but when hunger hits it can often go from 0 to FEED ME NOW real quick. And there is nothing I despise more than being stuck in my car with a screaming toddler and a growling belly (and an irritable mood). So, to keep everyone safe, before you leave your house for an hour or 5, keep these 3 things in mind.

  1. Do you have enough water? I am not talking “fill your 30oz bottle, that will be enough.” Especially now, in the heat. You could chug that in no time. Add a packet of citrus salt over some ice, it’s as good as gone. Grab your 30oz bottle, then grab another. Fill them up and throw them in the passenger seat. Stay hydrated (and salty) friends.
  2. What is something quick to have on hand that will make you FEEL good but wont spoil sitting in the car for a few hours? Meat sticks, apples, baby carrots, apple sauce pouch, protein bar (like rx or something else NOT chocolate that will melt) are all things i try to keep on hand in a IChE stash (In Case of hunger Emergency).
  3. If the day goes way longer than you think and you don’t make it home for lunch, what will you do? For my birthday I recently asked for a lunchbox. Laugh if you will but I cant tell you how many times that thing saved my life. From keeping a kids pouch or yogurt cool for a short park morning to filling it with a full lunch, it’s seriously the best practical (and its cute!) gift. My go-to snack lunch (that could be appropriate for your kid too!) deli turkey (or cubed tofu, yes, cold), baby carrots, handfuls of berries, perfect bar, peach, cold fizzy drink.

    Let’s also acknowledge the fact that sometimes – you will just NEED To grab something on the go. We are human, starbucks and panera happen. And because of that I created this Dining Out Guide that features 5 super popular chains, multiple meals from each location and what to look for and consider when eating on the run!

Want access to the dining out guide? Click here to get eatin’!

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