5 Ways You Sabotage Your Energy

Get your thick skin ready…

Here are the top 5 ways i see women sabotaging themselves…..

1.You dont have a realistic timeline. This shit will take time. constantly ask yourself “is this sustainable” and remember, for example – if weight loss is the goal, its not that america has a weight loss problem, its a weight loss MAINTENANCE problem. always ask “can i do this in 3 days 3 weeks 3 months and 3 years.”  If the answer is no- than this is not for you dawg.

2. Your definition of consistency means perfect. They are not the same. PLAN FOR the bad days. You are sick, kids are sick, theres a snow storm- who knows. You might miss a day of steps. You might drop your lunch on the floor and the perfectly planned day of eating is shot. Its about what you do MOST of the time. some of the time. Plan for the bad days.

3. You have your blinders on. This is where coaching can be helpful. Coaches help you get curious rather than judgemental (well, a good coach does). Coaches help you see different perspectives. “I simply cant get to bed earlier”. Coach- “well how much time do you spend scrolling? do you NEED to watch those 40 mintues of tv in this season? WHATS IT WORTH TO YOU- WHAT DO YOU WANT MORE?” Coaches ask you the hard questions and help you see what you may not be open to seeing at that time.

4. You need to be perfect. You refuse to take imperfect action. You dont know the perfect plan to feel good, show up differently in the world or whatever the goal is. BECAUSE YOUVE NEVER DONE IT BEFORE IN THIS SEASON OF LIFE. What a blessing and a curse, you are making it up as you go. But you MUST try. You MUST start somewhere. You MUST know that it wont be perfect ,,, thats ok, nothing is permanent so simply try.

5. You arent patient enough. Feeling better. Adjusting your life, changing your shape. adjusting mindsets. managing expectations…These are well and good but you know what they all take: a hell of a lot of time and patience. It wont be something you notice in 4 days. Go back to your road map to keep you motivated (you do have that, right!?!??!). You have X amount of years of life that you have learned, believed and thought the things you currently do. They wont all be undone or adjusted in a week. You need to keep doing the work and stay patient. I am talking months to years. This isnt a one time fix. This isnt a “let me read this book and i will have it figured out”

SO NOW WHAT?  Now you know why you are exhausted, strung out and stressed out and simply have had enough of the yo-yo, not feeling good life.

1- Gain awareness to where you are

2- Get clear on where you are going.

3- Make a plan to get from start to finish

4- Adjust expectations and approachs along the way as you pivot and keep going.

It is that simple- but also not.  If you need that step by step approach laid out for you on how to feel better, live better, look better…. change something- Time Thrive is a great starting place so be sure to get on the waitlist to be 1 of 10 people who get dibs on the course, starting January 23.

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