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Here you will find more in depth detail, education and explanation about all things nutrition, fitness, motherhood…and likely a few things in between.



Awareness Precedes Change

That education and awareness it brings to food, food composition, how those food sizes and qualities impact your health, how you feel and your body- that is information that is forever.

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Hey I’m Gaylemarie

I am a former competitive athlete turned mom on a mission. After years of running, crossfit and having a healthy relationship with food, I had a kid and everything changed (as it often does)! Learning to embrace my changing season has been a game changer and sharing that secret sauce with YOU is my mission.

1:1 Nutrition + Lifestyle Coaching

A sustainable, educational, realistic and result producing approach to food. Whether you’re a competitive athlete, new mom or someone who just wants to learn more about how to eat in a forever way, this is for you.

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Nutrition + Fitness Coaching

Looking for the whole package? Movement that gets results and honors where you are PLUS the guidance, support and accountability with your nutrition? This is for you.​

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