Electrolytes, What’s the Deal?

You likely know the importance of water- but do you know the importance of electrolytes?

Drinking water is great BUT in order to USE the water, your body needs an adequate balance of minerals. Sodium, potassium, and calcium to be more specific.

And I am not talking sodium like the kind we are told to stay away from. If you eat a diet with little processed foods or are a salty sweater, you especially need to consider an elecrolyte supplement. Sodium is CRITICAL for maintaining blood pressure, and transporting molecules through the gut. A few side effects of having low levels of these electrolytes can include muscle weakness, fatigue, muscle spasms and even some respiratory issues.

Guzzling water is great but being low in electrolytes can also be the culprit for never feeling like you have enough energy either.

The simple fixes? Add salt to your food, a pinch of salt to some water and go on your merry way. If you eat a low carb diet or a diet with little to no processed foods, you absolutely are in the population where electrolyte replacements are imperative.

My Favorite way to salt up? LMNT electrolytes. The watermelon and citrus salt are my favorite 😉

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