Habits of Successful People

What does success even mean? There are many ways you can define success but I think most people would agree its:

Not the richest (although most of them are financially wealthy), but the most consistent, motivated, inspired and most of all- HAPPY.

A class of humans who most people look at and think “I wouldn’t be mad to have that life or that attitude” Right?   

They have as secret- a secret sauce that they use to BE that type of human.  And its within your reach too.  It doesn’t require a certain amount of education or money.  It doesn’t require a certain status or lifestyle.  But when you become a human that does the things they (most of all of them) do, you CAN have the money, the happiness and the joy that they do.  

5 things successful people have in common:

They wake up early.  Before they “have” to. They use the morning to set their day up for success.  It could be by doing one of the following things below or something totally different- either way they don’t sleep on their happiness (literally)

They move their body.  Fitness, walking, it doesn’t matter- THE MOVE. Ever hear “movement is medicine”. Its true.  Move a muscle change a thought.

Gratitude practice.  Writing, speaking it into existence, sharing.  Successful people find the good in even the hard, they are thankful and make intentional time to recognize the good they have.

Prioritize balanced nutrition.  FOOD IS MEDICINE.  You will have a heck of a time being successful (in any capacity) if you are unhealthy.  LEARNING and understanding how food impacts you – mentally, physically and emotionally- will change your life.  Most successful people understand this and use food to their benefit.

Strive for consistency not perfection.  Success is found in the gray area- not the all or nothing, black and white most people live in.  They have bad days- AND PLAN for the bad days.  They have obstacles and roadblocks and detours- and they know thats ok.  They accept them and move on per usual.

Want to be and more importantly FEEL successful- however you define it?  Start adopting some of these behaviors.

Agree? Disagree?

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