It doesn’t happen on accident.

I didn’t just magically wake up one day and find myself camping in the most beautiful forest with my adventurous 2 year old and a husband who treats me like gold.

I had to walk through fire to get here. But I CHOSE that fire rather than choosing complacency.


Then one more decision.

Then one more decision.

I was in a volatile and toxic relationship.

I had no clear boundaries with family that (at the time) my mental health needed those boundaries.

I felt stuck and unsure of the future.

So I CHOSE the hard path.

The relationship ended.

I moved an hour away.

I started fresh.  Fresh community, fresh home, fresh job….all of it.

And I took the time.  The time to find myself, fall in love with myself and remember what I wanted out of this life.

We are all faced with hard moments and situations.  Bad relationships, dead end jobs, loneliness, uncertainty.  But we also have all control by simply taking action.

Your life doesn’t happen on accident.

You dont accidentally get fit.

You dont accidentally lose weight.

You dont accidentally get stronger

You dont accidentally become educated on food and movement.  

You take action.  And that action might be messy and scary and the hardest thing ever. 

But that action, THATS the action that gets the ball rolling, your mindset shifting and your entire world changed.

Learn to take action.

Spend time with yourself, working on yourself, for yourself. 

Thats the shit that matters and is with you forever.

I did.  I took the time, I processed, grieved, struggled and stressed.  But I manifested the exact thing I said I wanted as a young teen “a tattooed surfer as my husband and a life of adventure”

And sure as shit, I am living that dream that I created because I MADE THE DECISION.

What are you waiting for?

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