It’s more than just numbers

Anything you are looking for, you can google. ESPECIALLY when it comes to health and fitness.

Now, I am not saying that what you will find is going to be accurate or helpful. But the chances of google giving you some sort of direction are pretty high.

Heres the thing about googling the answers to your health and fitness goals, google does not know:

Your preferences, your diet history, your training history, your stress levels, the access you have to equipment or foods, what your support system is like, what motivates you, what challenges you, what scares you….

Going to a coach for a 1- time macro assessment is a waste of money. Google it.

Going to google for a 1-time macro assessment is a waste of time.

So what are you supposed to do. Invest in LEARNING. And I am not talking about investing over and over again. Sure, ideally I think EVERYONE would benefit from a short time of working with a *good* coach (because there are a lot of BAD ones out there). But I also understand you dont want the added responsibility of weekly check ins and maybe you aren’t ready for that kind of investment yet.

But what if you could invest a smaller amount of money in not just the numbers, but an overall health and lifestyle assessment. Numbers are PART of it. But not ALL OF IT.

Getting just a set of numbers, calories or macros or both, thrown at you and someone saying “god speed” is a MAJOR disservice to you. I believe it is only setting you up for failure. And when you fail, you will think its YOU, that there is something wrong with you. But hear me when I say, its not you. Its the system, the approach. Because trust, if it was as simple as hitting the proper numbers, anyone and everyone in the nutrition and fitness world would be successful. But thats not the case, is it?

Learn about your stress, identifying and understanding how to manage it. Understand its impacts on your choices and progress (or lack of).

Learn about where you are- what you eat, how much you sleep, what you enjoy doing, how much or little you move.

And learn how you can go from where you are, to where you want to be with a detailed timeline, a plan for week to week and, if appropriate, have the macros and calorie numbers be a PART of that plan, not the entire plan.

Stop wasting money on coaches who throw numbers at you.

Stop wasting time googling the perfect meal plan or calories.

Start getting ACTUAL results and feeling better by looking at YOU, the WHOLE human, and take a WHOLE HUMAN, LIFESTYLE APPROACH…without the weekly check ins and support if you dont want it.

Listen to me talk about this more and my disdain for 1 time macro assessments here.

Schedule your deep dive today.

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