Nutrition Basics

Sustainable and EFFECTIVE nutrition requires you to nail the basics first.  

Think about it- when you are tired, stressed, feeling burnt out- do you grab a big salad? Or do you simply NOT eat orrrr faceplant into pizza?

Your nutrition is a pyramid with the sexy stuff (supplements, nutrition timing) at the top, basics (hydration, time and stress management, sleep) at the bottom.  What’s in between? Food, calories, macronutrients and micronutrients, of course.

We have to build that SOLID base before we work our way up to the top. This is the most effective approach.  And the most sustainable.  Here is where you will learn how to identify what is YOUR sustainable as well as what are the tools you can fall back on no matter what life throws at you (kids being sick, travel, holidays). The sustainable approach comes with you no matter where life takes you.

Water– water is the most common deficiency.  YOU NEED WATER TO SURVIVE.  Start by drinking at least 64 ounces of water a day (thats 2x 32 ounce hydro flasks or 4 regular sized ‘I got this at the gas station” bottles of water).  Start your morning with 20 ounces (or 2 bottles) to set the tone for the day.

Sleep– this is where your body regenerates human growth hormones (essential to grow muscles) and replenishes itself and every other hormone necessary to live a THRIVING life.  Fun fact: for every hour you sleep, your body burns 100 calories.  Sleeping less means you burn less AND an increase in wake time means you need to consume more. Plus, who doesn’t feel more ENERGY and HAPPINESS after a full night of sleep.

Time management– you can’t sleep more, or workout, or prep food, or- heck- even eat without the TIME to do this.  That means you need to make sure you are REALISTIC in your time.  Dont have time to food prep?  You would be better off cutting a workout short (or skipping it) to use some of that time to cook some nutrient dense foods.  Dont have time to eat? You would be better off NOT scrolling your phone or even working out.  You will have to sacrifice in some areas to fit it all in, but thats part of reaching your goals. IT WILL REQURE SACRIFICE SOMETIMES.

Stress management– first you need to know what stresses you out. Is it a messy kitchen? Is it mom duties? Is it work?  You can’t eliminate or change some of these things, but you can : ask for help, lower expectations, seek support (re: therapy), and outsource.  First, identify your stressors then come up with a plan on how to manage those stressors.

Nail these? Consistent and confident in these (and im talking for more than a week)? 

Now you earned yourself a chance to start adjusting your calories and quality of foods.

Like I said, even when you are on vacation, you can hydrate. Even when the whole house is sick, you can ask for help. So while its not realistic to think you will have the gas pedal to the floor ALL the time, mastering these things will allow you to feel in control, and at minimum, maintaining the progress you do make when life and all the stars are aligned for you <3

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