When someone tells me they have never been stronger or never had a better relationship with their body and food – thats when I feel I’ve done my job.

Most women have been told “move more and eat less.”

But let’s change the narrative.

Learning that food is nourishment, in a nutritional sense as much as emotional.

Understanding that strength training is the best way to change your shape.

Learning that rest is arguably the most important part of the process.

Honoring that things might have to look different in this season, and embracing that change to help you grow and succeed.

These things dont come over night. But with the right guidance, support and plan-

that freedom is something everyone can achieve.


Tired of feeling tired, stuck, unsure, inconsistent, uncomfortable in your skin and lost? This is for you.

Assessment of where you are, and thats your starting point, we build a roadmap to get you to where you want to be.

With weekly check ins for accountability, support as needed throughout the week, I help guide you to your goals and we conquer every obstacle, hesitation and roadblock along the way – because those will happen.

A sustainable, educational, realistic and result producing approach to food. You learn the HOW and the WHY of what we are doing.

Whether you’re a competitive athlete, new mom or simply want to learn more about food and how to eat in a way thats no more on-again, off-again…this is for you.

Starting at $275/month

Nutrition + Fitness COaching

Want everything you get with nutrition coaching but also want the added bonus of not having to think about your workouts?  Sign up for the FITxFED package where you get all the perks of nutrtion coaching but also access to my BASICS TO BADASS PROGRAM

Starting at $325/month


Want to feel strong, BE strong, and build a solid core whether you are postpartum or not? Are you tired of not seeing results, you want to look tone and finally look like you work out? Are you tired of the traditional, boring workouts?

Basics to badass is an efficient, effective and focused program where we prioritize proper movement, core work targeting your deep core muscles (TVA) and one that prioritizes progressive overload so you are guaranteed to feel and see a difference.

Starting at $67/month


Are you unsure of what you should be doing but you know you dont need regular accountability, you just need to be told WHAT TO DO? Have you had a one time macro assessment before and it just didn’t seem to work?

A deep dive takes into consideration where you are, where you want to be and all the factors that can help or alternatively, prevent you from reaching your goals.

A phone call assessment and then extensive resource and full guide will be delivered to you to ensure you are not only on the right path to your goals, but you have all the tools and resources you could ever think of, to make the journey that much easier.

One time payment of $275′

gym habit and nutrition coaching

Are you a gym or fitness trainer and you want to level up your offerings to your clients? Not sure how to help them with their food and general lifestyle?  Let me help.

Hosting in person or zoom seminars where I discuss everything from nutrition and health to optimizing their time training with you. Having once owned a CrossFit affiliate and since then ran multiple Health and Habit challenges for other business owners, this is the solution you are looking for.

Ranging from 3 weeks to 8, a gym specific app and as much client support as you think your people need, I can help support you, your coaches and clients in taking the next steps to help improve their health and fitness.

free “nutrition coaching without the coach” guide. download here!

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