When someone tells me they have never been stronger or never had a better relationship with their body and food – thats when I feel I’ve done my job.

Most women have been told “move more and eat less.”

But let’s change the narrative.

Learning that food is nourishment, in a nutritional sense as much as emotional.

Understanding that strength training is the best way to change your shape.

Learning that rest is arguably the most important part of the process.

Honoring that things might have to look different in this season, and embracing that change to help you grow and succeed.

These things dont come over night. But with the right guidance, support and plan-

that freedom is something everyone can achieve.

1:1 Nutrition + Lifestyle Coaching

A sustainable, educational, realistic and result producing approach to food. Whether you’re a competitive athlete, new mom or someone who just wants to learn more about how to eat in a forever way, this is for you.

What you get:

  • 1-2 weekly check-ins via TrueCoach app
  • Weekly goal/macro suggestions
  • How to build a strong foundation unique to you
  • Stress management strategies
  • Education around food and its impacts specifically on you
  • Weekly data assessments
  • Unlimited email + text support
  • Optional Symptom Burden Analysis

Nutrition + Fitness COaching

Looking for the whole package? Movement that gets results and honors where you are PLUS the guidance, support and accountability with your nutrition? This is for you.

What you get:

  • Food log analysis
  • Weekly nutrition check in (see above)
  • Weekly workouts based on equipment, goals, experience
  • All programmed in TrueCoach app

This is for you if:

  • You want very personalized nutrition guidance
  • You need help with workouts that not only work but also you are consistent with
  • You are tired of always starting over

small group coaching

What you get:

- 3-6 people per group
- Weekly 1 hour zoom calls (recorded)
- Weekly individual food log review
- Weekly individual activity assessment
- Weekly discussion topic

This is for you if:

- You have had 1:1 coaching and are looking for a little more independence but not quite ready to go at it alone.
- You have an idea of what you should be doing but are also apprehensive and would like some reassurance.
- You are looking for accountability.
- You are struggling and need some help.
- You are looking for a crew of like minded individuals to work with and learn from their experiences.

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