Sample Day Meal Plans

Meal plans work…until they don’t. Nutrition is a part of your life, for life. So building an understanding of food and it’s impacts on YOU SPECIFICALLY is important. Education around nutrition is invaluable. Meal plans teach you how to follow a plan. But if you take time to learn about foods, their composition, their impacts on you and some of the nuances around nutrition education, you have that forever and can eat in a way that serves you….no matter what season of life you are in.

That said, I do see the value in sharing SAMPLES and IDEAS with clients. When starting with clients, we work on SMALL CHANGES, one at a time. It might be adding 100 calories a day, which is as simple as eating a banana. It might be someone struggling with PCOS symptoms and we want to balance blood sugar. It may even be educating a business man who travels often how to navigate meals on the run. On occasion I will share sample days. Here are a few I recently shared with clients.

**i am not a medical doctor. When struggling with something like PCOS I recommend you speaking with your doctor before making any dietary changes**

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