"Working with GM has been the mindset shift I knew I needed but couldnt find."

As a teacher and mom of 2 active boys, my time to put myself first became non-existent. working with GM she SEES you; she reminded me to be kind to myself, push myself when possible, eat the food and rest my body. My relationship with food and my body have never been stronger. I have never been stronger. The added bonus? I have never once felt intimidated or that she is not genuinely leading by example.

- Summer M.

I’ve been surrounded by sports, fitness and activity my whole life. collegiate sports, weightlifting and for the past decade crossfit and weightlifting. I always considered that I had a “handle” in my nutrition but the reality is that I was WAY off. GM was incredible! With her support, knowledge and guidance I was able to re-establish a grip on how I was fueling my body to help me continue to reach my fitness goals not to mention open my vision that healthy means “moving” and that life is truly a balancing act.

GM has such a special gift in the ability to motivate your mentally, emotionally and physically with providing tools that you’re able to integrate into a healthy life that works for you!

- Morgan C.
"I have known GM for over a decade and she has been a literal life changer."

We’ve worked with personal trainers before, and yes the accountability was there, but nothing else. Upon meeting with GM I knew it would be different. She was my trainer but I quickly realized she wasn’t solely there to count the number of push-ups I did. She really cared, and I felt like she became a coach- on the physical aspect but more importantly, emotionally. She didn’t believe me when I told her I “couldn’t do something”. GM pushed me out of my comfort zone in the most supportive way possible.

Because of her, I have completed 15 half marathons. One of them a mere 10 weeks after giving birth to my daughter. I now look to her phone calls as my ‘therapy’ sessions where she is a great listener and I feel a weight lifted off my shoulders each time we talk. Any goals you have or don’t know you have, she will get you there.

- Sam

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