The Easiest Dinner Bowl Ever

I am the capitalK KWEEN of simple meals. Find a protein, carb and fat- mix it together, make sure there is something green in there for fiber and micronutrients- VOILA, you got yourself a meal.

Living in a house where 2/3 are plant based and 1/3 doesn’t discriminate, I am forced to get creative on how to feed everyone.

Some nights it looks like a tofu bowl with quinoa while I munch on chicken, other nights its a tofu curry that we all enjoy. It works and we make it work.

But the most recent meal of choice has been great for everyone.

It is simple to make.

It is full of micronutrients.

It checks all the boxes of macronutrients.

And best of all, its delicous.

Ground Beef/ Ground Vegan Meat Bowl


-Your choice of: Ground beef, Ground Impossible meat, chopped tempeh

-1.5 cups uncooked white rice

-1 bag microwaveable broccoli

-1 avocado


Cook it all.

Mix it all.

Top with salt.

When I say I keep it easy over here, I mean it.

Now, for the sake of full transparency, i probably made a separate bowl of rice with way too much butter, some broccoli with nutritional yeast and his 7th apple of the day for my toddler. But there has been a time or two he also decided to enjoy the meal. If you have a toddler too, you know what I mean 🙂

Do yourself a favor. Keep it simple, and dont forget to add liberal amounts of salt!

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