The frustration turned into clarity.

I was set up at a local market to share about my services. And the table next to me was selling supplements that aide in gut health, weight loss and energy.

Supplements. Making these claims.

And there I was. 

Trying to talk about your habits.

Trying to teach you about food.

Trying to support you through doing hard things like prioritizing YOU and managing your stress and moving an appropriate amount.

Her table was busy too. Like… people asked what I did, said “thats nice” then walked away. Her table…they stood, they asked questions, they got more information.

And the more I sat through my frustration I realized something.

I am NOT for everyone.

Im not.

I am not here to convince you to change your life forever.

I am not here to convince you that the supplements will work…until they dont.

I am not here to convince you that the tools I give you will be forever…the supplements will run out.

Once I got an email inquiry from a potential new client that said “are you ready for a challenge?”

I am not. I am not here to convince you to take care of you.

I am here to SUPPORT you through that process. 

I am here to guide you and give you reassurance.

I am here to educate you and help you shift your mindset.

Again, sitting through frustration of supplements being the fix, people not wanting to put in the effort and take the time to LEARN a lot and probably unlearn even more I realized…

The people I work with are special. They are the ones that get it.  

Maybe you’ve been down the supplement route before (I have).

Maybe you’ve tried everything (I have).

Maybe you feel like…theres no hope (I was there).

But I have hundreds of people I have worked with (literally, I’ve been doing this since 2006)….that can tell you- you CAN be successful LONG TERM. and not waste another penny on the supplements making those claims, those supplements profiting off your fear and miseducation…..

But you have to be one of the special ones will to ACTUALLY, FINALLY change.

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