Tips for Taking Fitness on the Road

Life will happen.  Travel, sickness, holiday- any one of these things can screw with your rhythm when it comes to movement and nutrition.  You are swimming along in a great routine, crushing the gym and nailing nutrition and now…now you have to go away.  Thats when all these fears start to creep in.

What will I do on the road?

Will that screw my progress?

It took me so long to get into this routine, im screw when I get home.

I dont want to lose my gainnzzzz.

Fun fact: Research has shown that it only takes about 1/7th of the volume to MAINTAIN what you have.  So if you have been in a good routine, good news is that all is not lost if you dont get to move or eat exactly as you have been. 

That being said, there is importance in prioritizing the basics and, let’s be honest, your YOU time.  These tips can be applied to travel, sickness or just not having access to the things you normally do.

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