What are these tools everyone is talking about?

“Lets build out your toolbox”

“Do you know when to pick a tool up and put it back?”

Those are two very common questions I ask clients and potential clients. And important ones to have answers to.

Since I am a believer that other peoples experience can be helpful- I will share what I am currently doing.

For the last 9+ weeks I have been tracking macros. And if i am being transparent- I have been exactly where I am now. Not recently, but admittedly, this isnt new territory.

I enjoy tracking macros. I like KNOWING what I am eating, not assuming. And lets be real, if you arent tracking you are assuming. YES YOU, even the person who has tracked forever and thinks you can eyeball it. I have news for you- YOU CANT. If you dont track you are ASSUMING you know how much you are eating. I like facts. And for me, tracking is FACTUAL information on how much I am eating.

So for probably close to 4 months I have been lifting heavy (this will make you gain weight and size), I have eaten at AT LEAST maintenance (this will support the muscle growth- and remember muscle = weight and size) anddddd I am feeling it. I am uncomfy in my body and skin. And I am at a point where- the TOOL of tracking is starting to get in my head.

I want to eat based on how I feel. For over 3 weeks now I am eating to hit numbers- and most of the time uncomfortably full. “But this is what my targets are so i guess I will have 87 graham crackers to hit my goals.”

Safe to say, because I have objectively gotten stronger and subjectively FEEL Stronger- what I am doing has been working. AND ALSOOOOO… I dont want to hit numbers anymore. I want to get back into habits that help me listen to and honor my natural hunger/fullness cues.

SO I am PUTTING THE TOOL OF TRACKING DOWN- and picking up INTENTIONAL EATING. Not to be confused with intuitive. INTENTIONAL.

You cant lead with intention in food if you havent tracked, thats my opinion. I know i need to eat a lot throughout the day. I know what prioritizing protein looks like. Will I be DEAD ON with my targets? NOPE. Because i wont be tracking. But i will be a hell of a lot closer because I have tracked to some extent (a long time actually) and I have done it in this season so I know what this seasons goals are.

Putting down: the tool of tracking.

Picking up: the tool of intentional eating and honoring hunger cues.

I can do this because I have the skills, experience and education. Tracking can take you there. But YA GOTTA TRACK FOR SOME TIME TO EARN ALL OF THOSE THINGS.

So I ask YOU, this time:

“Do you know when to pick a tool up and put it back?”

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