What are you resisting?

We need what we most resist. 

This is true for me. And a lesson that keeps presenting itself to me.  You too?  Take a minute and think about it…

What is something that presents itself often, even if in different situations?

For me it was eating in a slight surplus.  I tried and tried and tried to cut.  And failed.  I would binge and restrict and FIGHT eating at maintenance and slightly above.  But eating above maintenance is what I needed.

More recently, what sparked this thought, was stretching.  Simple as heck stretching.  I resist it.  I have excuses.  “I have no time”. I dont make it a priority. WHY?  Its not sexy. I, ME, I dont see the value in it.  But…. I never did it so not valuing it is coming from a place of assumption.

I am committing to a few months of pulling my strength back- I can do the movements but I can’t load with weight until I can maintain posture.  I can’t maintain posture until im mobile enough. So they go hand in hand.

When I needed mobility for performance, to snatch and clean and jerk properly, I valued it.  I valued it for performance.

Now i need mobility for my health and kind of for my physique.   But here is the thing. I can connect mobility NOW, for health, to performance.  I will perform better if I am im optimal health. I won’t be in optimal health until I can MOVE through full range of motions without pain…quite literally all over my body.


Because right now, I would bet, you are resisting something.  There is a road block and you keep trying and trying but you are refusing to do that ONE THING.

You dont want to journal even though you know getting that ish out of your head will help.

You dont want to eat more (for a short period of time) even though you know thats the one thing you haven’t tried (and probably need).

You dont want to pull back on intensity, volume and frequency of your workouts even though your performance has plateaued, your body isn’t changing and you feel like crap (and you know you need a freaking break).

The path of most resistance is Proooooobably the path you need to embrace.

For me, it WAS eating more to get to a place with my body and food that I feel more “normal”

And now its pulling back on workouts to get more flexy and improve my health (and literally protect my organs).

What are you avoiding?

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