What if that thing you used to do is something you were meant to stick with?


In 2008 I had a running blog.

GM runs, creative, I know.

I didn’t know anything about proper training or nutrition. A vegetarian that survived on cottage cheese, butter beans and way too much peanut butter, I knew I wanted to share what I was doing- not because I KNEW what I was doing, rather to show people that…

If I can do it,  you can too.

And now, 14 years later, that still holds true.

Motherhood, nutrition, fitness.  IF I CAN DO IT, SO CAN YOU.

Fastforward those 14 years and I way more educated and experienced.  A degree is the chemical breakdown of your body, numerous certifications and specializations in nutrition, food, hornones, human movement, injury prevention.  And hundreds of humans helped in person, in class, online, privately or remotely.

Ive essentially experimented with my body since for as long as I can remember.

Eating like a typical body builder, rice, green beans and dried chicken 3x a day.

Going full bulk and mixing every protein shake with goat milk for added calories and eating as much food as I could physically stand with the hopes of getting stronger.

“Retiring” from competitive fitness and learning how to eat like a “normal person” who no longer has competitive goals rather someone who just wants to live a good, balanced life.

And now, a mom who has been through the strangest season of all with her food and body, trying to find my way back to ground zero, learning what balance looks like in this season….and ultimately learning to embrace that change when it DOES change with each change my 2 year old encounters.

I have paid my dues, I continue to pay my dues and Im back where it started- writing, sharing, encouraging and motivating.

This space will be here to share the season im *trying* to embrace.  This space will be here to share the education and knowledge ive gained, the experiences ive had, the stories of other humans I have helped.

This space will be here to help YOU learn about your season, what it means to give yourself permission to live in that season, to help educate you and motivate you, inspire you and encourage you….

And to hopefully end up full circle in a place where you feel you have gotten back to YOUR roots, back to what feels good for YOU and

Honor your ever changing seasons, too.

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I am a former competitive athlete turned mom on a mission. After years of running, crossfit and having a healthy relationship with food, I had a kid and everything changed (as it often does)! Learning to embrace my changing season has been a game changer and sharing that secret sauce with YOU is my mission.

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