What’s the feeling you are chasing? Chase that.

Maybe you have got it all wrong.

Actions speak louder than words.  But actions ALSO show you what you truly care about and what aligns with you. 

Hear me out- this is the rabbit hole I am working through right now and it clicked- and I think you might benefit from this…..

Chasing a certain physique requires progressive overload in your training and a calorie intake to support the end goal.  For me that looks like hypertrophy training and a calorie deficit.

I DISSSLIKED hypertrophy training. So guess what- I was inconsistent AF. I ate in a way that didn’t support my training. I was skipping workouts, adding in what I wanted and not excited about any of it.

Why? I Said I wanted to look a certain way, right?



For me, I want to feel strong. I want confidence and that doesn’t come from my shape, that ultimately comes from working hard and actually BEING strong.  Not LOOKING strong.

So what did I do? I PIVOTED. 

A choice we all have.  THERE IS POWER IN THE PIVOT! You too, can choose the pivot you know!

I am doing a bit more crossfit now. I am olympic lifting, lifting heavy and let me tell you- am I working hardddddd.  

And guess what – there is consistency in my training (and my excitement for it), im aware of my nutrition and eating to support my next workout andddd im feeling more confident in my body.

If your actions arent aligning with your goals- ask yourself why.  And then ask yourself why 87 more times to get to the bottom of what your goals ACTUALLY are. 

There is freedom in that know, freedom in moving and eating with the RIGHT purpose <3 

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