You don’t need another nutrition coach

You are at an age where you dont need another nutrition coach. TRUST ME.

You dont. Trust me. I know, ive been them all, ive experienced them all, ive done it all.

You aren’t 23 and without stress.

You aren’t 26 and mostly just worried about the weekend plans.

You are a full ass adult.

You have responsibilities.

You have people that depend on you.

You have big real life responsibilities. And with those come big, real life stressors. 

You have no time.

The time you have you dont know what to do with it.

You feel stressed and pulled in 87 directions.

You feel tired and on the verge….verge of what you dont know but YOU ARE on the verge.

The last thing you need is to sign up with a nutrition coach because you aren’t 100% comfortable in your skin….. and then feel like you are failing ANOTHER thing.

You dont need a nutrition coach.

You need help with your nutrition but that CAN NOT BE, MUST NOT BE the entire picture.

You need a health coach. 

Someone who can help you with your food because food is PART of it. But not the whole thing.

How’s your stress and your stress management tools? Do you even have tools?

How about your movement? Not fitness, I mean also fitness but not JUST fitness, movement too.  Do you get enough general activity?

Are you sleeping? Are you resting? 

Are you managing your time right?

What are your self imposed expectations and pressures?

And most importantly….


A health coach. Thats what a health coach is for. To help you take care of you.

If you want to know more about my coaching, get all the pricing info by filling out this form (no strings attached). And click here.

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