25 weeks pregnant. Thats my current state as I write this.

7 years ago I had abs.

5 years ago my abs were gone but I had the strongest trail running lets ever.

4 years ago I grew my first baby.

3 years ago my postpartum journey wasnt going as planned and I was uncomfortable in my skin.

2 years ago I felt lean again and proud of what my body could do.

1 year ago I was trying to gain back strength and carried a little weight, but was ok with it.

Present day- I am 25 weeks pregnant and feeling b i g.

The image in your head,

The number you picture on the scale,

The pant size you are chasing,

Is that from a time in your life where you, yourself, were a totally different human?

Was it 6 years ago, before your hormones radically shifted?

Was it 5 years ago, before you had 2 babies and your bone structure literally changed?

Was it 4 years ago, before your life was incredibly stressful and everything felt heavy and demanding?

is the body you are chasing one that is realistic for where you are in life right now?

Bodies are meant to change. And yes, lets be real about it, sometimes it isnt fun.

But you know what makes it MORE less fun, you know what adds insult to injury?

Trying to FORCE,


Living in HATE.

I am not saying you need to love your body in every season. GTFO. No thank you, me either.

BUT, i am saying that if you are “in it” right now and dont love the skin your in- choose neutrality and action.

You dont have to love where you are but, BUT…you DO have to:

  1. TAKE ACTION. What action are you taking to feel better about where you are?
  2. LIVE IN NEUTRALITY. You cant hate yourself into loving yourself. So dont down talk, shame and berate yourself, rather accept what is and focus on the actions you committed to in order to get to where you want to be.

Your body is meant to change.


How can you honor that, embrace that, all the while taking ACTION to feel your best?

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